Another Price Drop for the Tesla Model 3

Another Price Drop for the Tesla Model 3


It's a good news day for those who are yet to place their order for a Model 3!

Tesla has officially dropped the price of the Model 3 to a record low price of just $59,990 before on-road costs. This is the the third price drop since October making the Model 3 ever more affordable than before. It wasn't that long ago that the SR+ Model 3 cost $73,990 before on-road costs, then it was dropped to $66,900 in October 2020, and then $62,990 in April. This some incredible savings and we firmly believe that this move is associated with 2 key strategies:

The Launch of Model Y

We know that the Model Y launch for Australia is looming and we also know that the Model Y is only marginally more in price than the Model 3. With the recent introduction of incentives in New South Wales and Victoria, it would appear that Tesla is wanting to launch the Model Y at a sub $68,750 price, given this is the threshold set by the New South Wales Government for their recently introduced EV incentives ($3K rebate + no stamp duty). 

Tesla model 3 price drop australia

Momentum is Gaining

If you've been watching this space closely, as of this week, Tesla has just hit 7,000 Model 3's imported into Australia this calendar year. Elon has always been clear in that the Model 3 is a mass model car, and it is certainly gaining more and more sales and momentum here in Australia. Price reductions help to gather more sales as those who are contemplating the decision, often make the purchase and as the Model 3 is now even more affordable, when compared to the Hyundai Kona, Nissan Leaf or MG ZS EV, there is no denying that the Model 3 far exceeds all these vehicles on range, features, styling and fun factor. 

Whilst we (like many others) are slightly annoyed we paid top price for our Model 3's, we know we wouldn't have been able to wait this long without one, so there is certainly no regrets. The real question now will be, how much further can Tesla drop the price? $55K? $49,990?

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