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Tesla will soon start making delivery of their new Model Y to customers in the US. We know that Tesla always preferences its newest vehicles for the US market and then progressively rolls them out to other countries. Unfortunately Australia is one of the later countries to receive these newer models meaning we have to patiently watch the rest of the world get theirs first.

But how much will the Tesla Model Y cost in Australia, when it finally arrives here?

Tesla has not officially provided any indication of what the Model Y will cost in Australia. But what we can do is reflect on their pricing approach when the Model 3 was launched here last year. When the Model 3 was launched in Australia last year, the initial pricing was not a direct conversion of US price to AUD. We saw a slightly higher AUD price due to the additional cost of importing the vehicle, the additional cost to make a right hand drive version and unfortunately a weaker Australian dollar. 

With these factors in mind, our best guess of the Tesla Model Y price in Australia is:

Long Range Model Y: Approximately $100,000 - $110,000 + on-road costs

Performance Model Y: Approximately $115,000 - $125,000 + on-road costs

Whilst these are purely guestimates of what the Tesla Model Y will cost when it arrives in Australia, we know that there are many factors that could influence the final pricing, particularly the weakening Australia dollar. 

Regardless, like you, we are incredibly excited to see this new model launch here in Australia.

Tesla Model Y price Australia