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It's official. Australian customers will soon be getting made in china (MIC) Tesla's with the Model 3 announced as the first model to be made in the Shanghai gigafactory.

So what does this change mean?

There a number of changes that come with the MIC Model 3. The first and most important change is the battery. The MIC Model 3 features Tesla's new lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) battery. This battery is provides a slight increase in range and also allows the user to charge the battery to 100% on a day to day basis. The MIC Model 3 (SR+) now offers a range of 508km (according to Tesla Australia website), based upon NEDC cycle. 

made in china tesla model 3 australia

The interior of the MIC Model 3 also features updated door panels which replicates the feature dash trim material to the drivers and passengers door panels. It is a nice styling change and we feel this will help to further improve the luxury feel of the vehicle.

Their is rumor's that the MIC Model 3 features a better build quality with less minor quality issues than that we have seen with the US made vehicles. At this stage, this is only a rumour, however with the first batch of MIC Model 3's set to arrive in the coming months, this will sure be confirmed soon. 

Lastly, there are now more options to customise your new Tesla Model 3 as the MIC Model 3 allows for optional upgrades to your interior colour and wheel size. For an extra $1,500 you can upgrade to the luxurious white interior that was previously reserved for the more expensive Performance model. And for an extra $2,200 you can also upgrade your wheels to the 19" Sports Wheels which make a real sporty statement. 

made in china tesla model 3 australia

Overall, we welcome these changes that the MIC Tesla Model 3 brings and with the recent price reduction, the value proposition for a Model 3 is strong. With the introduction of some government incentives in the near future (we hope), the MIC Model 3 is well positioned to continue to be the most popular EV model in Australia.