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After a recent price hike only last month, Tesla has now back flipped and reduced the price of the Tesla Model S and Model X in Australia. Last months price increase was due to the recent drop in the Australian dollar, however the reason for the price reduction for the Model S and X is actually unknown. 

Prior to the priced hike in April, the Tesla Model S premium was from $124,900, plus on-road costs, and the Model X premium was from $133,900, plus on-road costs.

In April Tesla increased the prices by $6,000 for the Model S making it from $130,900 and by $11,000 for the Model X making it from $144,900.

Now, the Model S has been reduced down to $124,900, while the Model X has been reduced to $138,900. Unfortunately the price of the more popular Model 3 has not been changed and remains from $73,900, plus on-road costs.

If you have been in the market for a Tesla Model S or Model X, now would be the ideal time to make your purchase.