So you're buying a Tesla Model 3 - What accessories should you get?

So you're buying a Tesla Model 3 - What accessories should you get?

Chances are if you are reading this article, you've recently taken the leap and put down your deposit for a Tesla Model 3. Congratulations!

While you wait to take delivery of your new Model 3, now is a good time to prepare a few aftermarket accessories to ensure your Tesla Model 3 looks and feels even better. 

Given the Tesla Model 3 has been available (in USA) since 2017, there are now many aftermarket accessories available that help to further improve on the already amazing vehicle it is. 

This short article will give you some ideas about the some of the best accessories you should consider for your new Tesla Model 3. All of these accessories are top sellers on our website and are available to purchase. 

1. Wireless Phone Charging Pad

While the Model 3 comes with a dual phone dock, it requires you to plug your phone in via a charging cord. The wireless phone charging pad makes this process even easier allowing you to just drop your phone and let it charge via the QI wireless capabilities. 

The cost is $100 and is available via this link

wireless charging pad for tesla model 3

2. Floor Mats

Your new Tesla Model 3 does not come with floor mats, so you might want to consider purchasing some floor mats to help protect the interior carpet. We stock a range of floor mat options to best suit your needs. Each of these floor mat models are designed specifically for right hand drive Tesla Model 3. 

Floor mat sets start from $300 and can be viewed via this link.

Floor mats for tesla model 3

3. Sun Shades

While the Tesla Model 3 features a truely breath taking glass roof, the biggest downside to this feature is the amount of sun you will be exposed to each day. The sun can cause the cabin temperature to rise and can also lead to excessive sun exposure to you and your passengers. Consider purchasing some sun shades to help reduce the effects of the sun, but still allow all that light in. Our sun shades have been specially made for the Tesla Model 3 glass roof panels and are available in individual pieces or a full set.

Prices start from $80 and can be viewed via this link.

sun shade visor for tesla mode 3

4. Storage Solutions

The Tesla Model 3 is the clear leader when it comes to storage options in a vehicle. With the option of the front boot, back boot and underwell boot, you will be spoilt for options. However, there are some great accessories designed to help maximise these storage spaces and make them even greater. These include centre console storage trays, glove box storage dividers and storage dividers for your boots. 

Starting from just $40, these storage solutions can be viewed via this link.


5. Waterproof Cover

Protect your new Tesla Model 3 from the weather and enviornment with a waterproof cover. Designed specifically for the Tesla Model 3, these covers can really help maintain sparkle and shine after you have had your new Model 3 cleaned.

The waterproof cover cost $175 and can be viewed via this link.

waterproof  car cover for tesla model 3

6. Centre Console Covers / Wraps

The Tesla Model 3 centre console is gorgeous to look at, however it really can be a fingerprint magnet. The shiny material used attracts fingerprints which are visible in natural day light. A simple console cover / wrap can not only eliminate the fingerprint issue, but also add a really nice touch of sporty or luxury to your interior. 

Starting from $95, these centre console covers can be viewed via this link.

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