Tesla Model Y Australian Launch

Tesla Model Y Australian Launch

It might not be available as of writing this article, but it certainly is very close now. The Australian launch of the Tesla Model Y is now only weeks away, after the right hand drive variant was launched in Hong Kong just last week. This made Hong Kong the first right hand drive country to get access to the Model Y, however is a clear indicator that the Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai is ready to start taking orders. has reached the requirements to expand the order book. 



While the Tesla Model 3 has been a huge hit here in Australia, Elon firmly believes that the Model Y will significantly outsell the Model 3. If Australia's love for SUV's is anything to go by, then expect to see a lot of Model Y's out on the road soon. 

So when it does finally launch here, what can we come to expect? What variants will Telsa bring to Australia and at what price point? If we go by what we've seen with the Model 3 launch and also what the Hong Kong launch looked like, we expect the following for the Model Y in Australia:

Choice of 3 variants:

    • Standard Range + (rear wheel drive) - 455km range (WLTP)
    • Long Range (dual motor all-wheel drive) - 542km range (WLTP)
    • Performance (dual motor all-wheel drive) - 528km range (WLTP)
Choice of 2 Interior Colours:
    • Black with timber woodrain accents
    • White with white accents
    • Starting price of $63-$66K
Whilst these are all predictions, only time will tell and that time is very soon now. 
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