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The much anticipated Tesla Model Y is getting closer to its Australian launch with the SUV obtaining the first stage in its Australian certification this week. 

Government documents have revealed that the 2022 Tesla Model Y has been granted "type approval" in Australia. This is considered to be the first step in certifying a new vehicle for registration with the Australian Government.

Within these documents is some key information that provides some guidance on what to expect when Tesla does open up its order book for the Model Y. Certification included three variants:

  • An entry level, rear-wheel drive model (most likely to be termed Standard Range)
  • A mid-spec model (likely to be termed Long Range) with dual motor all wheel drive with a 
  • A flagship model (likely to be termed Long Range) with a dual motor all wheel drive


Ironically this line up matches the same models offered in China, where the Model Y is built. We are expecting that Tesla will open up orders for the Model Y before 2021 is over.

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