Tesla Model Y - Latest Update on Australian Launch

Tesla Model Y - Latest Update on Australian Launch

As electric vehicles become more and more popular, Tesla is gearing up to release their newest car – the Model Y. The all-electric SUV was rumored to hit the Australian market in late 2021, however there has been no official launch from Tesla as yet. With Hong Kong and UK recently launching the Model Y (right hand drive), we can only expect (and hope) that Australia is next on the list.

There has been rumors that the opening of Tesla's newest giga factory in Berlin, will help speed up the launch of the Model Y in a number of pending countries. Bottlenecks due to demand for their cars and capacity of the US and China giga factories may be a cause of why the Model Y wasn't launched in Australia in 2021. Earlier this year, Elon Musk said he expects the first Model Y's to roll off the floor of Giga Berlin in November, however we are now in December and manufacturing at Giga Berlin has not yet commenced.

Tesla is notorious for providing optimistic time frames for key projects. However despite the disappointment of these timeframes often being extended, customers alike are so loyal to the brand that they are happy to continue waiting. Like many Australian's we are also eagerly awaiting the launch of the Model Y and have already launched a range of accessories specifically for the Model Y. You can check them out here.

Tesla Model Y

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