Tesla Price Rise in Australia Coming Soon

Tesla Price Rise in Australia Coming Soon

Tesla is rumoured to be increasing the price of the Model 3, Model S and Model X following the fall of the Australian Dollar. The Australian Dollar has fallen significantly recently due to the COVID-19 crisis, falling from 70 cents to as low as 62 cents. 

The devaluing of the Australian currency means that Tesla will need to increase its base prices across its range of electric cars. Currently the Model 3 starts at $68,000 before on road costs, the Model S starts at $125,000 before on road costs and the Model X starts at $134,000 before on road costs. 

tesla price increase australia

Tesla has not made any official announcements about the price rise, however there has been much speculation in online tesla forums, that the price rise will occur any day now.

As for how much the prices will increase, well that is anyone's guess at this stage. However we would hope that Tesla keeps any changes in line with the change in Australian dollar and that if the Australian dollar recovers in the future, that Tesla revises its prices down as well. 

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