Best Floor Mat Options for your New Tesla Model 3

Best Floor Mat Options for your New Tesla Model 3

Buying a Tesla Model 3 is a significant investment, so it is only natural that you would want to protect it as much as possible. Keeping your Tesla Model 3 looking good both inside and out, will help retain its value and ensure you get more head turns when out driving. Besides the obvious items such as tinting and paint protection, interior floor mats are usually another great accessory to buy for your new Tesla Model 3.  

How do they Work?

Tesla Model Accessories Australia sells a range of floor mats specifically for right hand drive Tesla Model 3's. Each model works by providing a protective layer/barrier between the actual carpet floors of each seat and your dirty shoes or other items you may bring into your Tesla. The floor mats are easy to install and require no tools - simply lay them down and position in place. 

Floor mats for Tesla Model 3

What is the Difference in Models?

All Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3: This model is made of a durable and strong rubber material. They are designed to provide cover up the sides of the foot well unlike carpet mats. These mats are a great choice for any owners that find themselves trecking water, wet grass or mud into their car. The rubber material prevents the moisture from soaking into the carpet and makes it easy to clean up after. 

Carpet Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3: As the name suggest, this model is made from carpet and unlike the all weather floor mats is subject to getting wet if exposed to moisture. Whilst this will certainly still protect the interior carpet of your Model 3 from getting wet, over time these carpet mats may become damaged or develop a soiled smell. 

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all weather floor mats for Tesla Model 3


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