Best Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model 3

Best Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model 3

Why waste time plugging your mobile phone in to charge, when you can just place down and watch it charge in your Tesla Model 3. 

The Tesla Model 3 has a great centre console that you can easily install a wireless charging pad to. These wireless charging pads have been around for a few years now as many mobile phones now offer wireless charging and Tesla Model 3 owners tend to be early adopters of technology.  

wireless phone charging pad for tesla model 3

How Does it Work?

The wireless charging pads work by transferring power from the power source (USB port or power socket) to the battery in your mobile phone. Only phones with QI wireless charging capabilities are able to leverage this great feature.

Why Get One?

One of the main reasons you should get a wireless phone charging pad for your Telsa Model 3 is so you can focus on driving rather than plugging your phone into charge. Furthermore, the wireless charging pad setup makes the centre console appear much cleaner and neater than the traditional usb charging cords. It keeps your Tesla Model 3 interior clean and slick. 

How Much do they Cost?

There are a few different wireless charging pads for Tesla Model 3 available and most retail between $100-$150. 

Best wireless phone charger for Tesla Model 3

What are the Differences in Models?

Tesla Model Accessories Australia sells two wireless charging pad models. Both models can accommodate wireless charging for 2 phones at once and are installed in the centre console of the Tesla Model 3. The main difference in these models is the power source to the wireless charing pad. One model is powered by the USB port (via USB cord supplied) and the other is powered by the power socket (via the power socket cord supplied).

Buy Wireless Phone Charging Pad for Tesla Model 3 - USB Powered

Buy Wireless Phone Charging Pad for Tesla Model 3 - Power Socket Powered

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